Hi, I’m Chinmaya Mishra. A PhD Student trying to find ways to make Social Robots easier to communicate with.

About Me

I am an Early Stage Researcher in the COBRA MSCA ITN project and am currently working at Furhat Robotics, Stockholm under the supervision of Prof. Gabriel Skantze and Prof. Peter Hagoort. As part of my PhD research I am investigating the importance of non-verbal behaviors in Human-Robot Interactions (HRI).

Specifically, I am focusing on the role that gaze behaviors play in Human-Human Interaction (HHI) and how they can be modelled in HRI. Gaze cues are one of the most important non-verbal cues that are crucial in realizing effective communication in HHI. I am interested in automating the gaze behavior of Social Robots by emulating human gaze behavior with the goal of making HRI more feel more human-like and natural.


With a Bachelor’s in computer science & Engineering from Institute of technical Education & Research (ITER), India and 3 years of industry experience as a Systems Engineer in Tata Consultancy Services, India, I joined the Master’s Program in TU Kaiserslautern, Germany with a specialization of Intelligent Systems (AI) in 2016. My Master’s thesis was titled “Behaviour Based Human-Robot Interaction” where we modelled emotions to drive behavior generation in a humanoid robot.

Research Interests

Social Robotics, Natural Language Processing, Emotion Modelling and Behavior Modelling are a few research areas that attract me. My motivation lies in developing systems using AI which could be useful to the society. In my free time I love going on treks, capturing moments through lens, listening to music, and trying to play instruments among others.